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Friday April 1st. float trip weather dependent. Place: Kodiak Camp and Outfitters Frankfort, KY

Welcome to A Soldier's Heart

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Support veterans in your community and help us change suicide statistics!


Our mission is to:
1. Empower Veterans suffering from the debilitating grasps of PTSD (and the likes) to take charge of their well being through the healing powers of nature. 

2. Through this, our ultimate mission is to lower the staggering number of Veteran suicides daily.



Our Mission

In February 2016 Jeremy Wallace founded A Soldier's Heart Bluegrass and Muddy Waters, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization serving Veterans with PTSD.

A Soldier's Heart is my dream. I served in Iraq from March 06 till June 07. I was in C Co 2/123AR--we ran convoy escorts, combat patrols, and Instant Reaction Force (IRF) out of LSA Anaconda.

We normally ran six nights a week: Two nights a week to Baghdad and back; and four nights a week to Tikrit and back.

I suffer from PTSD as many combat Veterans do.

I am starting this Non Profit Organization to re-engage Veterans with PTSD into nature.

We will be taking Veterans on canoeing/kayaking trips and camping in the woods or campgrounds when allowed.

Mother Nature is very therapeutic. I hope these Veterans will leave these activities with a new found hobby that they can enjoy with other Veterans they know and their families. I hope to grow this organization to a point that it helps thousands of Veterans across out great nation.

God Bless,

Jeremy Wallace, Founder.

We are currently in need of Donations for administrative costs as well as cost for equipment and logistics. 

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A Soldier's Heart Bluegrass And Muddy Waters Outdoor Recreational Therapy And Bonding.